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Your private dining experience in Morzine 


Hi, I'm Anthony!

For those who haven't met me yet, I've been a Professional pan slinger for the past two decades. I have enjoyed experiencing hospitality evolve through several exciting roles within the UK and France. 


What have I learned on my culinary journey? There is no right or wrong way of doing it! There is, however, a science behind it all, and when mixed with personality, you can create something truly remarkable to delight the taste buds.

I have decided to create a platform that will enable me to showcase my Northern personality and love for cuisine through an exclusive 'pop-up' concept. My intentions are to share my obsession, create anticipation and deliver satisfaction. 


There are no rules, just a simple private dining experience, six dishes and one menu. I have crafted this menu with my extensive experience, heart and soul for discerning diners.

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